Sales and customer support

We do not have strategic boundaries to the sale and distribution of our products.
We work fast and have the tools, organisation and skills – including knowledge of our customer’s product sector and target market – to immediately understand the customer's needs and expectations.
Consistent with the principles of excellence, complementariness, sustainability and synergy for development, we adopt activity-based pricing tuned to raw materials market conditions.

Today, time, production, production technology amortisation and renewal and time to market play a more significant role than ever: we ensure the lowest time to market and reach the most rewarding markets and market sectors.

We guarantee a winning response to global market variables, and we analyse price and market availability forecasts to be able to create the best raw material procurement plan and dynamically adjust and rationalise each production unit’s activities.

Our special pricing is a clear plus for all those who operate for efficiency and long-term stability, but also those who find themselves needing to make unexpected purchases at a competitive market price.