Inside Moellhausen

Moellhausen, whose head offices are in Vimercate (on the outskirts of Milan), operates in several industrial sectors and on several markets and, by supplying basic ingredients and unique specialities, contributes to the creation and success of fine perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products, flavours, foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, herbal specialities, pharmaceuticals, detergents, candles, glue, plastic and much more…
We are constantly attentive to technical innovation and business growth, and our business system focuses on efficiency and flexibility.

Flexible and international

We work across the board in many industrial sectors, integrating our capabilities within articulated chains. We are able to position a chemical pr... continue

A successful network

We can exploit a tight support network of production units, logistic warehouses, businesses, professionals, and service providers on every continent. Our current capacity is the result of a combination of advanced production technologies, constant research and development, rigorous quality contr... continue