Fragrances for personal care, household and technical products

Our skill, pragmatism and creativity allow us to develop fragrances for any scented product: personal care products such as cosmetics and toiletries; households in general (detergents for fabrics, fabric softeners, candles, detergents for hard surfaces, dish detergent, floor wax, bleach, air fresheners, products for glass, etc.); technical products like paper, fuel, plastics and others.
We have the creative capacity and marketing skill to formulate innovative, high-profile fragrances consistent with a client’s marketing strategy and with olfactory qualities that enhance the concept of the final product. In fact, we operate on two levels, a technical-substantial level and an artistic and marketing-oriented level.
Technology, know-how and the raw materials at the Cambiago plant give us an exceptional capacity for product proposals: more than 1,000 formulas developed each year in an average time of 4 days for the creation of a new fragrance and the preparation of the relative sample. Economies of scale for raw materials and logistics, lean business structure, quality control, marketing intelligence and creativity contribute to our success.
Moellhausen tests fragrances in relation to the use of the finished products. It evaluates it from multiple points of view, simulating its actual behavior in the very process of using the finished product. In particular, we carry out stability tests and sensory evaluations with statistical significance to judge the correspondence of the fragrance to the desires expressed by the customer or the internal marketing-creative brief. The sensory evaluation is carried out by a panel of experts and other evaluators and covers several aspects: overall impact, perceived notes, release into the environment, modification of the olfactory notes and persistence and tenacity in the main phases of use of the finished product.
We also analyze any interference between the fragrance and the texture and color of the finished product.
With Moellhausen the customer can count on extremely short development times to renew its line of products or to extend their range by introducing additional fragrances.