We supply fragrances for any application or end product. We formulate and produce fragrances for fine perfumery (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and for various chemical matrixes (cosmetics, soaps and detergents, household products and many other scented products). We have the creative capacity and the marketing skill to formulate innovative, high-profile fragrances, consistent with a client’s marketing strategy and with olfactory qualities that enhance the concept of the final product.
All this because we are pragmatic and we creatively work on multiple levels: technical-substantial, artistic and marketing oriented.

Letting feelings sing

Perfume pervades reality and awakens the memory, calling up the places, people, and events of our lives, directly penetrating the I and filling us ... continue

Competitiveness and quality

We help our clients to free their potential and improve their business, also through the reformulation of existing fragrances to simplify production and achieve an even greater level of competitiveness and quality. To guarantee objective value for our clients, we conduct statistically significant... continue