Fine fragrances

We create fragrances able to arouse emotions and, thus, contribute to the manufacturing of products (perfume, cologne, eau de toilette, after shave, body splash etc.) that standout for their expressive capacity, quality authenticity and refinement.
Fragrances from every olfactory family and original and modern twists.
We have the creative capacity and marketing skill to formulate innovative, high-profile fragrances consistent with a client’s marketing strategy and with olfactory qualities that enhance the concept of the final product. In fact, we operate on two levels, a technical-substantial level and an artistic and marketing-oriented level.
We formulate and produce fragrances for fine perfumes both alcoholic and water-based.
We have the ability and enthusiasm to create new, original and exceptional fragrances, knowing how to emphasize their individuality, specificity, character and style. A global "olfactory culture", open to all traditions and nationalities, and capable of interpreting all lifestyles and personalities.