Flavors and fragrances: raw materials first

We offer a comprehensive range of materials for the formulation of flavours and fragrances and thus a large number of essential oils, extracts, absolutes, concretes, oleoresins, resinoids, natural and synthetic chemicals, complementary ingredients, along with improved ingredients that are innovative or alternative to conventional ones.
We have essential raw materials with flawless quality and competitive prices sustained by economies of scale and efficient “industrial operations”, to create unique, versatile and widely appreciated products.
Our products range from single chemical substances to compound specialties designed to meet specific need, including high-quality, rare and unusual raw materials to add a modern and exclusive flair to our customer’s creations.

Raw materials from all over the world

Our raw materials come from all over the world depending on their geographic specificity, but also with a view to ensuring maximum economy and sup... continue

An answer to every need

We develop innovative and alternative ingredients in our laboratories according to specific needs (i.e.: production cost reduction, independence from hard to find raw materials, production process standardisation and simplification, reduction of raw material costs instability, etc.). Our dynamic... continue