The company

Moellhausen is an Italian company that manufactures and globally distributes industrial raw materials and chemical specialties, working on several levels in various production chains.
It operates in many industrial and market sectors.
It offers basic ingredients and unique specialties to help create and ensure the success of fine perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products, flavours, food and beverages, nutritional supplements, herbal specialties, pharmaceuticals, detergents, candles, glue, plastic and much more…
Moellhausen ignites and spreads the spark of success, creating new products, new supplier-customer and product-application combinations.

The four business areas

Moellhausen is active in four operational macro areas: fragrances, flavor and fragrance ingredients, techno-specialities, taste-nutrition-health. ... continue

International and innovative in every field

Moellhausen is an international company able to position a chemical product (whether natural or synthetic) on all leading industrial markets, continuously supplying its products throughout the world. Moellhausen is able to seize new market opportunities and create value with innovative scientifi... continue