The business and value chain

Moellhausen a rapidly evolving company, focused on value creation through state-of-the-art scientific-technical, organizational and economic-industrial services and resources.
We are the ideal partner for all companies who seek excellence and maximum competitiveness for their products and for industrial raw material and ingredient manufacturers and the associated financial world.
We promote the constant improvement of raw material and end product operating standards, quality and “genuineness" for and in the interest of our customers, end consumers and the environment.

The ideal partner

We do not place geographic limits on the sale of our products, logistics, raw material purchases or partnerships with any industrial or financial t... continue

More than 7,000 inventory items

Moellhausen has more than 7,000 inventory items (> 1,600 in permanent stock) including essential oils, plant extracts and derivatives, natural and synthetic fine chemicals, fragrances, flavour bases, technical chemical specialties and tailored compounds. 1,000 new items, mainly fragrances, are a... continue